The Mini

Isn’t everything mini just soo much cuter? OK maybe not everything (wink wink)! But for the love of our bodies we are absolutely psyched on the notion of downsizing our shoulder loads to just the bare necessities. Studies show that women that carry their lives in their purse, also carry a sloped shoulder full of aches. If you don’t want to take our advice, take it from the Alexander McQueen (may he rest with the style gods), Alexander Wang and the rest of the fashion... Read More

Obsessed: Ash Handbags

We fell for Ash footwear last year and are still obsessed with their signature furry booties. So we thought we’d give you another run for your money, Ash Handbags. No they don’t bare the same price tags of the big boy IT bags that make you reconsider your college budget days. Aka eating 99 cent ramen noodles for two months to afford the object of your affection. But they do look and feel like them. We have fallen in love with the textured line, especially the black... Read More

Get A Grip!

If you haven’t noticed, it’s the era of downsizing. Now is the time to replace that oversized slouchy bag with a tight looking clutch. Have a hoarding tendency of too much crap in your handbag? The day clutch is the perfect solution (and bonus, will help avoid back pain). Clean house with a simple handheld bag and walk with just the necessities. Here are our picks for this coming fall. Our favorite, the pony hair McQueen clutch, will get you from the office straight... Read More

Obsessed: Kilian By Kilian Hennessy “Don’t Be Shy” Clutch

If I was going to be totally honest, it’s hard to say what I’m obsessed with more – this ultra-luxe clutch, or its designer, Kilian Hennessy. A grandson of an LVMH founder, this guy is late 30’s, French, loaded, I’m not sure if he’s tall, but he is certainly dark, handsome, and is apparently sensitive to what a woman wants (to wear.) Google image search “Kilian Hennessy” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. What. A. Babe. (Fanning myself. . . ) KilianBy... Read More

Obsessed: Cambridge Satchel

I can’t help the commonwealth-er in me. Having grown up in the T.O. and attended a language school, there is something to be said about owning an authentic book bag. Yeah, yeah, we know Elle mag is all over the neon version, but let’s face it–it comes way too close to looking like a deer in headlights. I’d much rather a less offensive kelly green or the purple or traditional black. I imagine that if I had this bag back when I needed it, Shakespeare would have truly... Read More

Hip To Be Square

“You might think I’m crazy, but I don’t even care, because I can tell what’s going on…It’s hip to be square.” Just like Huey Louis sang in his ’80′s hit, bags have moved from slouchy hobos to tailored square pocket books with sharp angles. And while we know that conservative fashion-goers will be all over this trend, for some reason those of us who sway socialist will still fall for this angular influence. This season, from... Read More

In Brief

Just in case you have a tendency to steal your dad’s, boyfriend’s or husband’s old briefcases, we thought we’d let you in on a little secret… try a satchel. These fold-over bags will not only house all the cosmetics a girl needs for a day at the office, but they look well manicured, while maintaining a professional yet cool-chic look. We have our eyes on the on the ASOS perforated bag! 1. Melie Bianco, $98.00, 2. Burgundy Piped Detail Satchel, $100.00,... Read More

Bag Matters

Let’s face it ladies, looking great is rarely about comfort. Pretty can sometimes be painful. We know you’ve seen it… all those ladies that traipse through the streets in gorgeous architectural heels looking like bound feet geisha’s because really, who could walk in those leaning towers? So you will be running around, from show, to presentation, to show, to party, and while we would traditionally say, carry nothing, we figured we would help you out. With that in mind,... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Kelly Locke

It’s awards season which means a lot of luxe evening bags will continue to adorn the arms of A-listers through Oscar night. In the past, these stylists to the stars selected Fendi, Bottega, YSL or some other established European house without a second thought. But this year? Perhaps not. Meet Kelly Locke, the new handbag IT designer of the year. But instead of hailing from Pars or Milan, his luxury handbag line is based in the beautiful (minus the smog and freeways) city of... Read More

SANG A: The Natural Progression

Sang A’s beginnings are steeped in a brew of performance. By 26 she’d become a celebrity in her native South Korea, and meanwhile, her passion drew her to designing. Behind the scenes of her own music videos and photo shoots, she’d often style them herself beginning to establish herself as a style-setter within the boundaries of her home and beyond. Trips to Europe and New York City, that sense of style would transform into a brand, an Education from Parsons... Read More