Pleat Picks: 10 Fall Coats

With the daylight hours dwindling and the weather climate shifting, it may be time to rummage through your hidden Fall wardrobe to pull out some necessities. And also start thinking about what new purchase is going to keep the heat in your body. Coat weather is officially here. We’ve taken note of our favorites and have a checklist of what our purchases would be if money were no object. Why not try some color this winter with J.Crew’s “Perfect Coat” or... Read More


We know the biker trend has been alive and kicking for a while, but we thought we’d reiterate that a motorcycle jacket is the perfect wardrobe staple item. Whether you’re throwing it over a cocktail dress for just the right amount of edge, or pairing it with your favorite jeans or pyjama pants, it really is the perfect jacket to move into spring with. Personally, we would love a proper Harley to complete the look, but it’s not a necessity. P.S. Can you live without... Read More

Oak Square Collar Layered Overcoat

I am always looking for classic staples with a twist. Since I tend to wear black most of the time, cut and texture become important factors in the pieces I buy. Also high on my priority list is comfort. In the winter you want nothing more then to feel warm and cozy, and eat hot pasta all the time. I love fashion, yes, but I was never the type of girl to make her way through snow-covered sidewalks in NYC wearing high-heels (ok, maybe I was in college). Lucky for me, Oak NYC’s... Read More

No More Shivers: Shop the Runway Trend

Anoraks, Parkas, whatever you prefer to call them, we’ve decided that when it gets cold, the season calls for this coat that the runways have tweaked and revived. Try pairing any of these pocket-studded jackets with that uber-girly dress you’ve been dying to wear and you’ll have just enough cool. Yes, we know, they’re a trickle trend, one from last spring into fall. The military-style parka in ubiquitous green has reinvented itself yet again with color shifts, mixed... Read More


They’re b-aaaaaack! And thank goodness!  Sometimes these designer collaboration one-offs are so good, it’s depressing to think there won’t be any more. Which is why we’re grateful to find out that Levi’s and Pendleton have mated once again to bring us more amazing denim and American-West print hybrids. Levis Workwear by Pendleton has returned for round 3, with a 7 piece capsule collection.  ThePLEAT’s hands-down favorite item is the “Trucker” jacket,... Read More

Street Trend: Blazers

Blazers are everywhere this autumn, and we caught some of the cutest ladies on the street wearing them. The casual suit-jacket was a male dominated trend, worn by men participating in collegiate sports. During WWII, women began to sew their own versions that were blocky and less expensive because they required less fabric. Now, it’s become a wardrobe staple that is equally important for a woman as a man. A must-have piece, it can be incorporated into almost any outfit,... Read More

Fashion Zen’s Top 5 Fall Picks

She’s young, thin, gorgeous and Dutch (always a plus in ThePLEAT’s book) but above all, ridiculously stylish. You want to hate her, or better yet be her. Just forget it. Both are impossible. Meet Iris Gravemaker, blogger of cult favorite, Fashion Zen. Unlike other style bloggers, this 27-year-old fashion student focuses not only on inspiration and runway reporting, but also showcases her own personal style throughout the week. We were so impressed with Iris’ playfully sophisticate... Read More

PLEAT Picks: Coat Calling

Buying a fall coat is a lot like filing your taxes. It’s time consuming, potentially costly, and you put it off for as long as possible (at least until the IRS, or Old Man Winter, comes knocking). But, deep down, you know it’s inevitable. In an attempt to lessen this dreaded ordeal for you, we at ThePleat have compiled a few choice selections. No need to buy a safe and classic (yawn) black wool, navy double-breasted, or camel something-or-other this season. Fun, unexpected... Read More

Rachel Bilson at Chanel Show

Rachel Bilson is the quintessential IT girl.  She’s absolutely adorable and has dated some of the hottest men in Hollywood, but it’s her personal style that gets us PLEATers panting.  Somehow she merges uptown sophistication with downtown casual while looking like she’s not even trying.  Unfortunately, her wardrobe budget is out of reach for most – her Chanel 2.55 handbag collection is particularly enviable.  But this leather AllSaints jacket worn... Read More

Shear-ly Worth It!

This gorgeous shearling aviator jacket from 3.1 Phillip Lim is making us wish we had some rich benefactors. The price tag might break the bank, but it also might be worth it if we could keep toasty warm winter after winter. Right? We think so. We’d even consider shearing the sheep ourselves if it meant adding this luxe coat to our closets. 3.1 Phillip Lim “Vintage Shearling Aviator” jacket, $1500,  Read More