WTF Wednesday: In Your Eyes (Eye Jewelry?)

After a long week, we settled down in search of yet another random invention that would make us wonder why we humans are driven to the inane. Just in case you thought we couldn’t find anything more bizarre than last weeks WTF post, we bring you the ultimate eye accessory in all its absurd glory, The Tear-Eye jewelry. Forget colored lens, or the ones that made you look like a vampire. These are the next level. They hang from a thin wire attached to a contact lens hanging... Read More

Obsessed: Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Druisy Ring

We have totally embraced the minimalist trend. There is a simple formula that predicates going to work in the morning—wake, shower, and dress, which usually entails a black slender-cut bottom and a gray slouchy top… and repeat. And while our garments have taken a back seat in precedence, we definitely find the time to wear a “good” accessory. So naturally (while we rarely take style advice from the likes of Cameron Diaz) when we saw Cameron’s agate liquid gold ring... Read More

Ring Around The Collar

We are huge fans of making your accessories the bulk of style. Like fashionable European ladies, we like the idea of bringing clean simple dressing to another level with great accent accoutrements. With that we bring you the perfect finishing touch by way of this seasons latest trend. The collar necklace. So instead of looking for the glitz in your dresses, tops and gilets… throw on a much admired touch of bling. 1.Tom Binns “Slap Dash” collar necklace, $1750,... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Melinda Maria Jewelry

There is nothing like a little costume jewelry to get you inspired for a good night out. So when spotted a chic serpentine ring on a good friend we had to investigate more. That’s how we found Melinda Maria. The hot jewelry designer has been making some of the best pieces to don celebs on the red carpet. Her fan base includes Kate Hudson, Olivia Wilde and Jessica Alba. For the non celebrity set Melinda makes sure that each piece is durable and works for everyone’s... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Iosselliani

  Some of us remember the eclectic, mixed media creations that are Iosselliani all the way back to 2005, when Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci first started the accessory line. We remember being on a shoot for Elle Girl and wishing that we could use everything that their showroom had sent. Iosselliani is a line that fuses iconic representations of traditional Italian jewelry with a more modern aesthetic, to create a cluster hybrid of the genres. It is the fresh... Read More

Trend: Hard Knocks

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for girly and dainty. Sometimes what you really want is a night out with the boys: a dark dingy dive bar session, PBR’s or whatever your go-to can of beer and maybe some old school punk rock… All this makes us want to throw on some rough and tumble jewelry. And hey, most of these are sharp and pointy. If some dude gets to frisky, you could always take it off and use it to deal with him. Clockwise from bottom left: 1. BiJules... Read More

Heavy Metal

We love us some chunky rings at The Pleat. Samara is partial to her mother’s panther ring (hmm . . . Cartier???), while Julie rocks her gifted Tuleste Market piece. Desiree wears anything chunky left in her shower (currently this and this) and Tiffanie has been coveting a 6-carat engagement ring (kidding Dermot). The truth is, these “finger accessories” express one’s individuality in a flash. And although rings in bright poppy colors with a retro vibe... Read More

Nostalgia: The 90′s Choker

I never wore flannel shorts, listened to Pearl Jam, or frequented Starbucks. Instead I had a fondness for baby doll tees (don’t judge, it was the early ’90′s), Grateful Dead (I’m a San Fran girl), and Pete’s Coffee. I was a tennis player, honor roll student, cheerleader and prom queen so grunge was out of the question. However my one high school “rebellion” was the gothic-like DIY chokers that I would craft out of black pantyhose and... Read More

Obsessed: Stella Cuff by Wynn Wynn Ong

When I was 6 years old, I had nightmares for an entire year. But unlike most kids, instead of monsters, ghosts, or hell, even kidnappers, I woke up screaming in the middle of the night in fear of the mighty arachnid. I am not quite sure where this deep-rooted anxiety stemmed from – I mean, I cried even harder than that “Some Pig” Wilbur did when Charlotte died. But still, the sight of any 8-legged insect haunted me when I was awake and in my dreams. Funny thing... Read More

Fantastic Plastic!

Remember all that great plastic bijoux we had when we were kids? The stuff that came out of quarter machines at boardwalk arcades, or could be found in birthday party goody bags? Some of those things were pretty great, right?  Well for spring, we found a whole cache of fun resin bangles that embrace the exuberance of our candy-colored kiddie jewels, but cranked up to adult level polish and style. Pile ‘em up high to project an arty flair. Or just choose one huge power piece... Read More