PASS OR FAIL? Katy Perry

Katy, Katy, KATY.  We know you just got married and all but that doesn’t mean you can just throw in the fashion towel now that you’re off the market. That gold spectacle you call a gown would look fabulous on the eternally glamorous Joan Collins who would pair it with a white mink stole and dripping diamonds. On you? Not so fabulous. We’re confused. Did your dress need stitches on the bottom? Is it hurt? Not that you could pick up the phone and call for... Read More

Designer Spotlight: A Postcard Bijules

When we heard that artist and jewelry designer Jules Kim, and long time friend Jessie Cohen, were collaborating on a series of images titled “Skin Flicks” we had to share. These images were inspired by Victorian French postcard nudes, in which the models in the old postcards were never fully clothed and often wore  jewelry. With little to lose, Jessie put together a great crew including photographer Frej Hendenberg & stylist Jessie Cohan and asked to have Jules provide... Read More