Anna Sui Goes Lingerie with Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky held a celebration in the Meatpacking district this week to celebrate the perfect thong’s 25th anniversary. As an added bonus they teamed up with Anna Sui to design a few special pieces that were featured at the soiree. For some fun party play you were free to pose with the HP models in the stand-up bed that was mounted to the wall. We popped in to cheers to our favorite undergarment company and among the crowd was style maven Olivia Palermo, who took the time... Read More

Tried & Tested: Strapless Underwear?

I’ll try anything once. Bridge jumping, eating freeze dried ants, swimming in the ocean during a New York winter – sure!  So when a friend of mine told me about strapless underwear, I said I would try it.  Your know, for the sake of FASHION. How could underwear not have straps? I really couldn’t get around this concept until the real deal came in the mail from Shibue Couture, the maker of these puzzling panties. What I got was a stretchy thong made of super... Read More

Tried & Tested: NuBra

My gorgeous sister is getting married in Mexico in a few months, and it turns out that supporting the bosoms in a discreet, yet aesthetically pleasing way, is a big deal when it comes to the big day. Since I am one of those tacky creatures who always has black bra straps showing–specifically, Calvin Klein’s “Perfectly Fit” lace push-up bra (in case you were wondering)–this whole concept is rather new to me. For the past three months, my sister has been wearing... Read More

Tender is The Day: A Pleat Pictorial

Have an inspired Valentine’s Day with the latest look of lingerie: Winter Kate “Barbary” fringed kimono jacket, $495,; Araks “Liselott” Panty, $80,; Mike Gonzalez “Ayana” navy leather turban, $179,; Carol Marie jewel oval web necklace, $178,; Amanda Pearl turquoise howlite and chain necklace, $268,; Ring, stylist’s own. Jazz Age meets 70′s Boho:... Read More

Shop the Story: Pretty Little Underpinnings

1. Anthropologie “Le Baker” set, bra $58, bottoms $40, 2. Anthropologie “Lace Lane” set, corset $42, hipster $12, 3. Anthropologie “Erica” set, bralette $48, short $38, 4. Plum Pretty Sugar ” Beckoning Creatures” short silk robe, $78, 5. Stella MacCartney vintage inspired “Playsuit” in stretch silk , $176, 6. Yves-Saint Laurent... Read More

Jean-Paul Gaultier and La Perla

It’s been almost thirty years since Jean-Paul Gaultier created his signature corset dress and 20 years since he designed the stage costumes for Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour. This November, Jean-Paul Gaultier teamed up with the house of La Perla and planted a flag for his talents in the world of lingerie. “Lingerie is part of my DNA and my Heritage” claims Mr. Gaultier. One of La Perla’s signatures is “soutache”, a technique for creating motifs in silk braid on... Read More