Last spring, fashion-ites everywhere were hyped on stripes. Often described as nautical. Or breton. Just as long as they were thin. And preferably in primary colors. Especially if you like to pretend that you “summer” off the coast of Brittany. Or when stateside, you’re more of the Martha Vineyard variety. Wait, what the hell were we talking about again? Oh yeah. In a nutshell, stripes were the sh*t. Stripes were once again seen on the Spring 2011 runway, but in a less... Read More

Disco Demimonde

Being a fashion editor is a lovely, rewarding job, but one thing that kills us is something we call “Season Envy.” For example: When it’s suddenly dark at 6pm, and our bodies are buried under layers of wool, we long to run free in bright, flouncy dresses. This is when Season Envy rears its ugly head, when we get to see spring fashions at the beginning of winter. But we still have a job to do, so… There’s definitely a sexy, louche, disco vibe going on for... Read More