Model Off Duty: Abbey Lee

We’ve already fallen for this Aussie beauty a couple times now. A couple months ago we obsessed over her shoot with V magazine and now we can’t help but drool over her great “laissez-faire” taste. There isn’t much to contest about her style, except that maybe some of us aren’t huge fans of fur. Regardless, this model-off-duty inspires us, so we shopped her looks for you so that you, too, can mimic her impeccable style. 1. Madewell “Flower And Fringe”... Read More

Q&A: Street Photographer, Craig Arend

We caught up with our friend and photographer Craig Arend founder of Altamiranyc to pick his brain about street style, models and the snap that makes him most proud. How did you get your start shooting models off duty? I first shot Andrew Bevan, a Teen Vogue editor at an Agyness Deyn party. Then 6 months later after shooting him at fashion week and posting his photo, I got an email saying, “I was having such a horrible day and looking at that pic cheered me up because... Read More

Classic Cut Offs

We know it may not be yacht or country club appropriate, but let’s face it denim is as all-American as humble pie. What better way to dress down and outfit then to throw in some denim. Take a fashion cue from this street style hottie and throw on a great pair of cutoffs with a simple tee, a boyfriend blazer and a studded bag and you are ready to hit any type of casual meets cool outing. 1. Topshop “Grey 3/4 sleeve” blazer, $120, 2. Junior Drake... Read More

MOD: Jacquelyn Jablonski

New Jersey is one of those states that gets ragged on a lot, but why? The Garden State has given us a lot of wonderful things: Bruce Springsteen, our art director, Tiffanie, and today’s Model Off Duty, Jacquelyn Jablonski. If the descriptive words “classic” and “ladylike” tend to leave you nodding out, this MOD’s spin on things will certainly revive you from your unconscious state. The timeless red manicure gets a playful kick when it’s wavering on orange. Wayfarers... Read More