ZZZ Pants!

The debate over whether we style lovers should bemoan or embrace the pajama pant has been looming. On the one hand, a bad cut or awful print can strain and sting the eyes of others, and on the other, more than often silky texture and small prints are the perfect closer to an outfit. We’ve taken into consideration all sides of the argument and have come to the conclusion that most pajama pants should be left at home. But the pants shown here embody the perfect ‘je ne sais... Read More

Trend: Wide Leg Trouser

All right ladies, its been a good five years since the skinny pant has taken a front seat in the bottom world, but now it’s time to make way for another shape. The wide-leg trouser has been gaining speed and will make its comeback this season. Wide-leg pants have been seen all over the runway for spring. Whether in a denim version of a cotton twill, or silk, these wide legged creations are creeping back to gain momentum amongst consumers and designers alike. We Pleaters found... Read More

Never-Fail Classics

There are some things some of us can’t live without. Our Fashion Director Desiree, for instance, always has a section of her closet devoted to anything sparkly or shiny. Our other Fashion Director, Samara, has a stash of body-con dresses that always get a ton of play. While such pieces may be be classics for some, there are certain items that will always be classics for everyone. The trench is a tireless example of a 3-season coat that never loses its power of polish. A great,... Read More


We’d like to welcome you back from the weekend with our wham-bam-thank-you-PLEAT, Holiday Dressing Mini-Guide. We’re sure you already have enough items on the old “To Do” list, so we’ve spared you the added grief of figuring out what to wear. Now you only have to worry about the inevitable troika that is Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Thanksgiving: Err on the side of demure, but not dorky, when dealing with the family, especially if it’s someone else’s. Then... Read More

Fashion Zen’s Top 5 Fall Picks

She’s young, thin, gorgeous and Dutch (always a plus in ThePLEAT’s book) but above all, ridiculously stylish. You want to hate her, or better yet be her. Just forget it. Both are impossible. Meet Iris Gravemaker, blogger of cult favorite, Fashion Zen. Unlike other style bloggers, this 27-year-old fashion student focuses not only on inspiration and runway reporting, but also showcases her own personal style throughout the week. We were so impressed with Iris’ playfully sophisticate... Read More

I Dream of Genie (Pants)

If a diagnostic tool such as a Fashion Difficulty Scale (FDS) existed, these sequined harems would probably rate around a 7.5.  We’re talking 1 being something like a black cashmere v-neck (where’s the EASY button from Staples when you need it?) and 10 being comparable to a Comme des Garçons bump dress (even professionals don’t try this at home!). There’s a lot to contend with here, it’s true- drop crotch, sequins, living up to the legacy of MC Hammer- but this,... Read More

Printed Pants

Printed pants leave some women looking like they left the house still wearing their pajamas bottoms-or worse-that they have a fondness for MC Hammer’s clownish style! But neutral colored prints combined with a perfect fit = a style as cute as they are comfortable.  Topshop “Ikat Print Jersey Hareems”, $55, available at TopShop.com.  Read More