Flatforms That Flatter

We Pleaters take our shoes very seriously. Samara is strictly a boot or gladiator sandal kind of girl (not even sure she owns a basic flat or ballet slipper). Julie can’t walk in any heel over 2.5” and has all her shoes cut down accordingly (seriously). And I, Desiree, refuse to wear a heel shorter than 5 inches (especially crucial when dating someone who is 6’6”). So imagine our glee when we discovered a shoe that offered the practicality of a flat with the added benefit... Read More

Obsessed: Rocket Dog Clogs

“Alright you little freshmen b**ches…” Anybody remember that line? It’s Parker Posey’s as Darla Marks in Dazed and Confused, a cult-favorite film about the last day of high school for several seniors in 1976. While previewing the upcoming spring line from Rocket Dog, I found myself obsessing over these “Carmela” canvas platforms. The over-the-top, postcard-print sole made my mind wander to a scene where hazing queen Darla is bullhorn-yelling at a bunch of... Read More