Helena Bonham Carter & Ben Kingsley Star In Prada Short Film

We saw this yesterday and thought we should warn you that psychiatrists are no longer trustworthy when it comes to lusting after your fashion duds. From the moment Helena walked in with her mink trimmed Cruella de Vil-esque Prada coat, we harnessed our envy enough only to find that Ben Kingsley could not be trusted. Take two minutes to watch and then thank Polanski for his film genius.  Read More

January Jones Mixes Lady Like and Leather

Even though the weather has us dusting off our sandals and beach totes early, we seasoned NY’ers are prepared for a chilly turn in the wind patterns to remind us it’s still March. We suggest keeping those moto boots handy. Why not subtly shift your winter wardrobe to spring with a badass colorblock bag like January’s? A little color on your bag will give you some spring in your step even when winter’s still tousling your hair… might we suggest something... Read More

New Met Costume Exhibit: Miuccia Prada & Elsa Schiaparelli

Just in case you were one of the thousands that stood in line to see Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibit at the MET and were turned away with a feeling of loss (we have no idea how that feels because we made it there), you might want to put the next one on the calendar. This coming Spring Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli will come together to stun and woo NYC’s Met Gala. We couldn’t tell you the exact nature of the the duo’s alchemy but we are... Read More

What bag is Sienna Miller carrying around these days? Answered!

We Pleaters are constantly getting hit up about what our favorite It Girls like Sienna are wearing. Jennifer from Englewood, NJ wants to know: “I love Sienna Miller’s style and am also looking for a new handbag for spring. Do you happen to know what she’s carrying these days that I can use as an inspiration for my next purchase?” Jennifer, we thought we’d help you out and let you know that Miss Miller is a Prada lover, as are we. We adore Sienna’s... Read More


Last spring, fashion-ites everywhere were hyped on stripes. Often described as nautical. Or breton. Just as long as they were thin. And preferably in primary colors. Especially if you like to pretend that you “summer” off the coast of Brittany. Or when stateside, you’re more of the Martha Vineyard variety. Wait, what the hell were we talking about again? Oh yeah. In a nutshell, stripes were the sh*t. Stripes were once again seen on the Spring 2011 runway, but in a less... Read More


The concept of “no white after Labor Day” is just about as modern as a rotary phone. These days, white abounds as a versatile color choice for all seasons, not just ones punctuated with tanning and umbrella drinks! But this year’s bumper crop of choices aren’t all wintery-white, snow-bunny cuteness, though that’s out there, too. Check out the fuzzy alpaca jacket from 3.1 Phillip Lim and the fun-fur hat from the Gap. Covet the luxurious, simple, soigne white that screams... Read More