Beautifully Blanc

There is nothing quite like the crisp refreshing feeling of a white dress. With this season’s love of minimalism, white has proven to be a great extension of the trend. It’s true, white makes a resurgence every spring and reminds us to slough off the dreary gloom of winter and abandon hibernation, as well as to embrace the sunny warmth to come. And yet this season, whites feel like an intoxicating lover that we just can’t imagine to be without. So we thought we would... Read More

Runway Beauty: Orange Crush

Orange traipsed down the spring runways in every hue imaginable; from soft corals to washed-out neutral tones to vibrant neon, the citrus-fresh color made a bold statement from dresses all the way down to painted lips. From Marc by Marc and Marni who showcased vibrant orange, to Jill Stuart who settled on classic coral, this bold shade in a matte finish successfully carried over the bold lip trend from fall. Lancome’s expert make-up artist, Ricardo Costales, suggested we try... Read More

Disco Demimonde

Being a fashion editor is a lovely, rewarding job, but one thing that kills us is something we call “Season Envy.” For example: When it’s suddenly dark at 6pm, and our bodies are buried under layers of wool, we long to run free in bright, flouncy dresses. This is when Season Envy rears its ugly head, when we get to see spring fashions at the beginning of winter. But we still have a job to do, so… There’s definitely a sexy, louche, disco vibe going on for... Read More