Street Pleat: Navajo Scarf

Nothing accessorizes a basic outfit better than a printed scarf.  And ever since Pendleton put out their amazing navajo printed coats, jackets and bags we haven’t been able to keep our hands off the south western styles. Call us what you will (obsessed maybe?), but we are smitten with this street look. Image Courtesy of MrNewton  Read More

Street Pleat: Neutral Dots

Yeah, yeah, we know its Fall and that our wardrobes need to start to take on more layers, but who says we need to go all goth with our color palette? We still want to to hang on to the fresh neutrals hanging in our closets. Keep the blush alive by mixing tones and gradients of similar colors. And hey, why not add some polka dots to the mix? Even if it feels a bit dictated by MJ (no, not Michael Jackson… Marc Jacobs)! Image Courtesy of TrendyCrew  Read More

Street Pleat: Pleated Skirt

With hemlines falling to longer lengths, what better way to play with proportions then by adding a baller cropped leather jacket? Top that with this season’s love of the wide brim felt hat and the ultimate classic flap bag from Chanel and we are sure you are ready for anything. 1. Asos Premium “Chiffon Pleated Maxi” skirt, $101, 2. Belstaff “Blouson Lady” cropped leather jacket, $565, 3. Chanel “2.55 Classic Lambskin... Read More

Street Pleat: Layered Neutrals (Get the Look Inside)

We are loving this neutral monochromatic street look. To get just the right combo pair a long pleated maxi skirt with an easy tank and some flats. But be careful to make sure you aren’t trying to hard to match the shades, keep them all slightly different hues. And for a bit of added fun, elevate the muted look with an embellished bag. 1. Kain “Washed-Silk” tank, $155, 2. Jamin Puech “Nikita” bag, $688, 3. ASOS ”... Read More

Classic Cut Offs

We know it may not be yacht or country club appropriate, but let’s face it denim is as all-American as humble pie. What better way to dress down and outfit then to throw in some denim. Take a fashion cue from this street style hottie and throw on a great pair of cutoffs with a simple tee, a boyfriend blazer and a studded bag and you are ready to hit any type of casual meets cool outing. 1. Topshop “Grey 3/4 sleeve” blazer, $120, 2. Junior Drake... Read More

The Wide Idea

Sick of cut-off jeans and cutesy floral sundresses? Well why not rebel against the standard summer uniform by ditching the flip flops and getting a bit creative?  Wide-leg jeans give your rear some squat-worthy curves and balances out a non-stick figure, well, figure. Add some American classic accessories and a vintage-inspired sleeveless camp shirt, and you’ve got the summer wardrobe blues beat. 1.Hudson Jeans “Woodstock” flare jeans, $198, Read More

Heavy Metal

We love us some chunky rings at The Pleat. Samara is partial to her mother’s panther ring (hmm . . . Cartier???), while Julie rocks her gifted Tuleste Market piece. Desiree wears anything chunky left in her shower (currently this and this) and Tiffanie has been coveting a 6-carat engagement ring (kidding Dermot). The truth is, these “finger accessories” express one’s individuality in a flash. And although rings in bright poppy colors with a retro vibe... Read More

In The Nude

The perfect staple for this spring is a nude blazer that works with any outfit. Be it shorts or the perfect mini, every gal should own one. Pair it with a printed top and a colorful bottom like this fashionable cutie, and you have a great spring outfit. And hey, if you’re  looking to elongate a small frame, nude shoes always do the trick. I mean, who doesn’t want to be called “leggy”?  Read More

Peek-a-boo Tights

Patterned tights have been the rage for a while now, but exposed toe seams can make quite a few people skiddish (memories of Grandma’s grey-ish pantyhose and orthopedic sandals perhaps?) Like panty lines, you know they’re there but want to disguise them to the best of your ability. Draw the eye away from the seam with patterned tights that add a fun, playful element to basic LBD’s or black skirts (or copy Pleater Desiree, who pairs hers with denim cutoffs).... Read More

Majorly Monochromatic

Quite the pixie, this fresh-faced little lady makes mid-60′s, Talbots-style look chic. Granted, the modern cut with shaved sides, side-swept bangs and Brooke Shields’ brows lend an edge, but it’s the monochromatic dressing that also packs a punch. This woman layered neutrals on top of one other, but more saturated hues also work. Build slowly as she did, and incorporate a scarf of a similar color. Also make sure to play with different textures so that the look... Read More