Delfina Delettrez Spooky Sunglasses

Famed Rome-based jewelry designer Delfina Delettrez, daughter of Silvia Fendi and french jeweler Bernard Delettrez, has teamed up with Alain Mikli house of eye wear to create a 6 piece custom collection just in time for Halloween.   The collection is made of acetate and offered in both red and black colorways. The shades are a direct reflection of Delettrez’s jewelry collection. Ornamentation consists of charms such as small poisonous insects, animals, eyes, skulls and... Read More

Terry Richardson x Moscot Glasses

If you’ve been looking to get your hands on Terry Richardson’s glasses (as opposed to Terry getting his hands on you–eh, so we’ve “heard”), your quest can stop now. Moscot and the iconic photographer have joined forces to create a special edition spectacle that mirrors those of Richardson’s. Now we can all walk about town looking ironically cool and slightly creepy with a pair of our very own “Terry LE’s” for a whopping $290. Terry LE Glasses,... Read More

Pleat Shopper: 30 Sunglasses for This Spring

After you check out these shades, you’ll reconsider being the douche who wears them in the dark. 1. EP “Le Vash” round frames, $10, 2. Matthew Williamson “Curved Square” sunglasses, $369, 3. Alexander Wang “Zip” shades, $390, 4. Super “Chicano” shades, $174, 5. Fred Flare “Navajo” sunglasses, $12, 6. Super “Luciano Classic Havana”,... Read More

Obsessed: Octagonal Sunglasses by Charles Anastase for Linda Farrow

Donning sunglasses has always been the easiest way for me to make walking around on Saturdays in New York wearing “Cons” and skinny jeans look at least a little sophisticated. My clothes tend to be all about staples, so the real fun for me begins with the accessories. And now that spring has given me the perfect excuse to buy some new shades, I am thoroughly obsessed with Charles Anastase for Linda Farrow’s octagonal translucent frames. I love the mix of the... Read More

Black Friday (The Semi-Selfish Version)

Welcome today, the now infamous Black Friday.  A day that’s almost grown to be a holiday in its own right.  A day when shoppers are up at 3 AM, and have caused life-threatening stampedes by 5AM. All in the name of deep discounts and door busters galore. We know this day of frenzied consumption is supposed to be about shopping for other people, but with so many irresistible deals out there, why not pick up a little something for yourself? If you are of a more selfless... Read More

Obsessed: Emmanuelle Khanh Vintage Sunglasses

Okay, so I have a box-shaped face that keeps growing sideways with age. Think of the Kool Aid man or the late Ted Kennedy. Because of this, sunglasses are a hard fit. But when I saw a tortoise shell, makes-box-head-happy pair in the window of my favorite vintage shop, Malin Landeaus, I marched right in. Ohhhh, were they perfect!! And I mean all-caps-worthy PERFECT. They were wide enough for my face, making it look almost like a slender oval. When I asked Malin the price of... Read More

Breast in Show

I’m a huge fan of two-tone 90’s shades. While I am not always a pink girl, so to speak, I’d rock these morning, noon and night (thank you Corey Hart!!!). But the best thing about them isn’t their iconic design, it’s their contribution to a cause that we at ThePLEAT also hope to promote. If you purchase these shades from Tommy Hilfiger, you are not only gonna look great, but you will have donated 30% of the $98 price tag to raise money for the Breast Cancer Awareness... Read More