We’d like to welcome you back from the weekend with our wham-bam-thank-you-PLEAT, Holiday Dressing Mini-Guide. We’re sure you already have enough items on the old “To Do” list, so we’ve spared you the added grief of figuring out what to wear. Now you only have to worry about the inevitable troika that is Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Thanksgiving: Err on the side of demure, but not dorky, when dealing with the family, especially if it’s someone else’s. Then... Read More

Take it Like A Man

There’ve been a lot of “boyfriend” products out there in the past few years: boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazers, even the boyfriend brief?! Why not just get yourself something straight from the source? It doesn’t get more authentic than this men’s camel and houndstooth cardigan shown here from L.L. Bean. It’s soft, dependable and cute. You know, kind of like the ideal boyfriend. L.L. Bean wool houndstooth cardigan, $84.50,  Read More

Head of the Class

Even if you never went to a uniformed private school, there’s still a naughty allure to the school-girl look. Countless songs, books, and Jerry Springer episodes have been devoted to the strangely lust-inducing appeal of gals clad in classic school uniform staples like the plaid kilt or argyle sweater. Secure your spot at the popular lunch table by sticking with knee-baring hemlines, snug fits and heels as high as you can stand in. Whether you’re in or out of the classroom,... Read More

Sweater Steal

I’m a total horse country, Ralph Lauren ad wannabe, it’s true.  It’s just that I don’t always (make that never) have the horse country, Ralph Lauren budget.  Have you seen the going rate of a pony these days?  Whoa.  Oh, and I did I mention that I live in Brooklyn?  Ha!  No horses here! (Unless you count the mechanical one in front of Walgreens that cost $.25 for a spin?) Economics aside, sometimes I want to feel a little bit country in the city.  A democratic... Read More