Mary Katrantzou for Topshop

If making a fashion editor drool was a way to confirm love for another’s creations, then I believe Mary Katrantzou has stolen my heart with her line for Topshop. I simply cannot wait to step over the pool of drool and try to put one of everything on my body (even if it is after a week of sewing my mouth shut so I look fantastic). Sheer genius is Mary’s line… we can’t wait to pick up one of everything.  Read More

Q&A: Topshop’s Sarah Rosen

We’ve coveted the uber-trendy styles since we first stumbled upon Topshop in the UK. Lucky for us, the store travelled the Atlantic to make its first stop in Manhattan. So for the past 4 years we’ve had the pleasure of working with their always fun and helpful PR director, Sarah Rosen. One of the sweetest, most helpful peeps we know, Sarah is also no stranger to great style. We sat down to chat with her about what made her want to work in the rag trade. Do you remember... Read More

Obsessed: Topshop Lily Print Shorts

God I need a vacation. Then I think to myself, uh last month you were in the South of France and Mexico, and next month you are heading to Cali and Europe. So . . . fine. Maybe I don’t need a vacation, but these cute tropical shorts have me dreaming about soft waves and a gentle breeze in Kauai. With an umbrella-garnished drink in one hand, a SPAM sandwich in the other–ok, technically I am a pescetarian but this is fantasy so just go with it–lounging about watching... Read More

Blogger Style: Keiko Lynn

  If you follow Keiko Grove’s blog, Keiko Lynn, you’ll see that’s she’s been a busy bee recently, guest editing on Refinery 29, traveling the country as a panelist for New Media forums, all on top of running her own fashion line Postlapsaria and of course, her namesake blog. We thought she was very Pleat-worthy not just for the impressive professional achievements, but we really just like her quirky style. (Yes, we can be very shallow.) The Keiko Lynn blog chronicles... Read More

Blogger Style: Angy’s Tea Room

We found Angelika Ardesheva’s blog, Angy’s Tea Room, by way of a Sartorialist post a few weeks back. You know, the one that generated over 1700 reader comments? If you happened to miss this post, here’s what Mr. Sart wrote that caused such a freak out: “I saw this young lady in Milan several times this past season. She is one of the crop of new bloggers. I loved that she’s a bigger, curvier girl than most of the other bloggers who you see in the press and... Read More

Neutral with a Pop of Color

It’s about that time to update your wardrobe for spring. Get those neutral pieces out and ready to walk the walk by adding a punch of color. This past year, the fashion world watched as subdued nudes and dusty blush tones went head to head with standard black and brown as the go-to neutral. Ladies, elevate yourself to the age of fashion modernity and get the color ball rolling with a fun punchy accent. In our humble opinion, aquas and corals are the perfect chasers... Read More

Blogger Style: The Blonde Salad

We wish we could access The Blonde Salad’s Google Analytics page. The fashion diary of Chiara Ferrangi gets 60,000 visitors a day! But we want to know who’s looking at her, guys or gals? How much traffic is driven because she’s down-right hot, and how much because of her youthful mix(ed) “salad” of American preppy, ladylike, and bad-ass rocker style? Or maybe it’s because she’s gone whole-hog with every aspect of social media and blogging. You can find her on Twitter,... Read More

Black Friday (The Semi-Selfish Version)

Welcome today, the now infamous Black Friday.  A day that’s almost grown to be a holiday in its own right.  A day when shoppers are up at 3 AM, and have caused life-threatening stampedes by 5AM. All in the name of deep discounts and door busters galore. We know this day of frenzied consumption is supposed to be about shopping for other people, but with so many irresistible deals out there, why not pick up a little something for yourself? If you are of a more selfless... Read More


The concept of “no white after Labor Day” is just about as modern as a rotary phone. These days, white abounds as a versatile color choice for all seasons, not just ones punctuated with tanning and umbrella drinks! But this year’s bumper crop of choices aren’t all wintery-white, snow-bunny cuteness, though that’s out there, too. Check out the fuzzy alpaca jacket from 3.1 Phillip Lim and the fun-fur hat from the Gap. Covet the luxurious, simple, soigne white that screams... Read More

Kate Moss’ Final Topshop Collection

Break out the tissues and the credit cards! Topshop has released Kate Moss’ final season collection. It’s sad to think that we’ll soon be unable to shop her quirky styles in the future, so we all better bank up now. The unique collection exudes a vintage bohemian feel with gorgeous floral printed day dresses and skirts, delicate chiffons and cottons with printed stars and bell sleeves, glittery sequin gowns and shrugs and leather rock’n roll shorts and jackets. Kate’s... Read More