Nostalgia: The Pop Watch

While hoards of us are buzzing about to all the NY fashion week shows, presentations and parties aiming to find the next cool thing and realizing that most are repeats from past innovations, we thought we’d bring you our morning style reflection. If you were a child of the eighties and a teen from the 90′s, then we are pretty sure you were fascinated with many things ‘SWATCH’. Our first thought was the dual receiver Swatch phone. The transparent fluorescent... Read More

Pleat Shopper: 27 Watches

1. Lacoste “Barcelona” orange strap men’s watch, $195.00, 2.D&G octagonal watch, $225.00, 3. Hermes Cape Cod watch, $2500.00, 4. Fossil multichain watch, 5. DKNY polished gold “D” watch, $115.00, 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs “Marc Mode” watch, $150.00, 7. O’Clock rubber watch, $40.00, 8. Michelle brown “jellybean” watch, $345.00, 9.... Read More

Yo, Angela!

Once a week in the mid-80’s, female viewers tuned in to gawk at a hunky male housekeeper on the popular sitcom Who’s The Boss? Decades later, it’s obvious that the real eye candy wasn’t Tony Micelli, but Angela Bower’s wardrobe. Looking back, Jonathan’s mom wasn’t only climbing the corporate ladder but also rising through the fashion ranks. With a power hungry wardrobe of slouchy suede boots, silky blouses and tailored pants fit for Boss-ing around the boardroom... Read More