WTF: Belt Watch Combo

We’ve lost track of time and woke up after a long fashion week thinking wow, it’s Thursday? So when we came across this number how could we resist telling you about it for a little end of the week fun. Just to be fair, we would like to applaud the craftsmanship of the belt, totally on cue with our love of durable leather with a raw feel. And then our eyes moved on to the digital time keeper. WTF? We are all about weird and off the wall but who exactly is going to... Read More

WTF Wednesday: Luxury Condoms

We aren’t really sure what to say about this, except to say that the french have found yet another way to distinguish themselves. No, they aren’t claiming to be larger in size or shape. Rather, they esteem to have been the creators of “The Original Condom,” from none other than the region of Condom, France. Just in case you have no idea where Condom is, take a look at a map and you will quickly realize that Condom-en-Armagnac, is also the birthplace of... Read More

WTF Wednesday: Necklace Secure Strips

Ever since we’ve begun looking for the odd and ridiculous “style” items we’ve started to wonder whether there is a community of precious people that are really just taking the piss out of us. Take these Necklace Secure Strips for example. Why would anyone feel so compelled to purchase such an item, when let’s face it, simple tape would suffice (although we don’t recommend taking this route to “place” a necklace). And to beg the... Read More

WTF? VMA Edition

We know, we know, music award shows are a time for the major artists of our time to express themselves not only with performances but with their red carpet looks. But sometimes we can’t help but feel that these over the top get-ups are more about who can get everyone to stare the longest then about actual self-representation. Or perhaps these ladies are just having a little fun playing dress up and we are all just too judgemental? Nah. These are some hot messes. Did someone... Read More

WTF Wednesday: Her Eyes, They Shine Like Diamonds

When the Beatles wrote Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and refered to the “girl with kaleidoscope eyes” they weren’t seriously envisioning this. We thought that eye jewelry was odd enough, but now you can purchase diamond contact lenses. Have we lost all sense of what is important, or is this some kind of witchcraft tool (no offense to any wiccans out there). But really, what’s the purpose of these? In our modern narcissistic-egocentric world, do we really... Read More